Mice in the oven!

Last night the Lion Camp received yet another visit from some naughty elephants, though they didn’t cause too much destruction this time, only knocking over the water container. We are also still getting regular nightly visits from our friend the genet..


..and this morning the lion camp had even more animal visitors in the kitchen – this time it was mice in the oven!


We haven’t quite worked out how these two mischievous mice are getting into the oven yet, but they will certainly get a shock when we start cooking!


Any ideas for a humane way to remove these pesky little guys from our kitchen?


  • Brenton H says:

    Now guys! You are Lion Guardians! Perhaps a whisper into the ears of the big Cats and your problems with the mice will be solved. LOL Good story.

  • Brenton H says:

    This may sound a bit severe, but if you leave the oven door open at night, maybe the Genet will solve your problem?

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    From time to time I have a problem with mice, so I got a “Have-a-Heart” mouse trap. It is a small metal trap. The mouse goes in and the door shuts. You take him far away and let him go. It works very well. They have these traps for all sizes of animals. Good luck on getting these little ones to move on!

  • Petchie says:

    Natural oils can be effective at keeping mice away – peppermint and spearmint work well. You can try the fresh or dried plant too – the aroma will prove invigorating to the team, too.

  • Hi blog readers! Thanks very much for the advice – mint sounds like an interesting suggestion, our kitchen could do with some fresh breath!

  • Rebecca, Australia says:

    Why not get a pet cat or 2 for the property?
    It would be better than those mice getting accidentally roasted if someone turns the oven on without looking.

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