Missing cubs – an update!

You may remember the sad events of a few months ago that led to the spearing of the lioness Mbeuti, who was attacked by the new young moran age group, during a very difficult period for Mbirikani.

We reported that Mbeuti’s 2 cubs that were with her at the time, fled from the attackers and were not seen again. They were about 13 months old at the time, and we were all worried, not knowing whether they would be able to survive alone.

We now have some developments! The other day Lion Guardian Lenkina found two sets of biggish, male cub tracks in the area where Mbeuti was often found. Excited about what he had found, he immediately called Kylie, the local Living with Lions biologist who arrived with Lion Guardians Pilenanka and Noah, and together they followed the tracks into the bush. After a while they lost the tracks in the thick grass and got out of the vehicle to search on foot. It was then that Pilenanka, Noah and Lenkina suddenly came across the cubs hiding in a thicket!

They were not very pleased about being discovered! They growled at the three Lion Guardians and made a hasty exit from their bushy cover, ran past the car and out of sight in a flash! There was no sign of any female. We can only assume it was the two missing cubs of Mbeuti, but are still waiting for more opportunities to see them before we can be sure. Lenkina is keeping a close eye out for them. Because it all happened so quickly we have not got any recent photos of these cubs, but this is a photo taken in February of them with their mother Mbeuti.

 Mbeuti and cubs_2010_Feb_24

We will  bring you updates on the cubs as soon as we get them!


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