Narika’s cubs nowhere to be found

After Narika’s spearing we had a little hope that her 3 young cubs might live, but they were less than a month old and would only be able to survive if one of the other females in the pride – either Selenkay or Elikan, who both also had young cubs adopted them. The cubs were probably about this size – this is one of another lioness Nimaoi’s offspring.


However, we have seen Selenkay and Elikan, and tracks of what appears to be their cubs only. Narika’s cubs were so small, they would not be able to last very long on their own. Sadly it seems they may have met a similar fate to their beautiful mother Narika.


  • Dana-Phoenix, Arizona says:

    What a TOTAL waste of these precious little ones and their Mom’s lives.

  • Irma says:

    I am totally down….

  • Pirjo says:

    This lion killing incident has really affected me and I feel so angry, because Kenyan government hasn’t addressed the threat to Kenyan wildlife and shown any leadership whatsoever in trying to solve it. Kenya has to implement a proper compensation scheme and educate people of the importance of wildlife. Kenya still has wildlife, which it can be proud of, but not for long if wildlife is killed at the present rate. Tourists will go elsewhere if they are not able to see lions or other big animals in Kenya. I personally would not want to travel in a country, which hasn’t protected it’s wildlife and has turned a blind eye to all conflicts between humans and wildlife.

  • sauwah says:

    too bad you could not find any wildlife rescuer group to save these orphan lion cubs since people do go out of their way to save orphan elephant babies. life is unfair even among the animal kingdom and for those who claim to appreciate wildlife.

  • Little M. says:

    I hope another lioness took them in but it is wishful thinking. Hope their quest for revenge has been sated. This whole event is a tragedy. May God grant you the wisdom and insight needed to deal with people who’s hearts are hard.

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