New Lion Guardians! The selection process continues.

After months of waiting, we have finally been able to conduct interviews for three positions as Lion Guardians on Eselenkei Group Ranch. With the drought really affecting the area, the Maasai murrans (warriors) have been travelling huge distances throughout southern Kenya in search of better pastures for their famished cattle herds. Now after a little rain, the murrans are returning to their home area, allowing us to finally hold some interviews! Here are some of the prospective Lion Guardians awaiting their interviews!


We are very excited by this initial step into the new area of Eselenkei. In each of the three areas we had up to 10 eager murrans keen to show us their tracking skills.


Over three consecutive days we interviewed a total of 27 murrans, of which we have selected half to go forward to the next stage – one step closer to becoming a Lion Guardian!

We have been extremely impressed by the eagerness of the murrans we have met. It is exceptionally difficult for young men in Maasailand to find work, particularly as many of them have never attended school and are mostly illiterate, so the opportunities the Lion Guardians program provides makes a huge to their lives.


Hopefully the potential new Lion Guardians will continue to impress us over the next few stages of selection until eventually we have three brilliant Lion Guardians working to protect their once immortal enemy, now turned provider of work – the lion.


  • Anna M says:

    Nervous times for the young men, I am no big fan of having job interviews done by any means and can understand how they feel, best of luck to them all… excellent stuff… 🙂

  • sauwah says:

    i hope three would be efficient to prevent lion killing in this area. and i am sorry that many murrans are unemployed since i am sure they do want to be good providers for their families. and thank God for the rain. prey more to come.

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