A few days ago, I tried to visit Mirishi and the other murrans at Olgulului, but the heavy rains have made things unmanageable. Traveling by car or motorbike, even by bicycle, has became a nightmare. I felt so sorry for my motorbike, even more than myself! This picture explains why……

Big lumps of mud were making my traveling unbearable. My arms were tired, after trying travel 30kms of which in normal occasions it take me 30-40mins, it took me three and half hours to get to Mbirikani town. My bike shoes were a pool of water on the inside and mud all around the outside, it seemed like I had ten kilos added to my feet! The only thing on my mind was “When can I get to camp and have some rest?”

Streams of water were all over in places they had never existed before. Here is a picture from the road in an area that is normally quite dry.

I never made it to Olgulului; I had to come back to camp. More rains are on the way. Field work is better left for a while.


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