Our new Lion Guardians on Olgulului

As we reported last week, we have now started up the Lion Guardians program on Olgulului Group Ranch too! Now we thought we should introduce you to some of the new guys who have started working there.. and our first new Guardian to be introduced is called Sumulei Ole Munke.


Sumulei represents the “Risa” zone and impressed our team of selectors during the interview and subsequent voluntary period with his many skills and real commitment to hard work. Though quiet and a good listener, his intermittent beaming smiles illuminate those around him on any subject of discussion. His impressive personality, wealth of experience and his general wildlife knowledge clearly put him above the rest. His tracking skills are second to none in this area, which is a busy wildlife migratory corridor.


Already, Sumulei has familiarized himself with the lions that are either resident or frequent his zone from time to time. Having participated in successful lion hunting parties in the past, Sumulei otherwise known by his age-mates as ‘Meingati’ is a valuable addition to the Lion Guardians team.  In fact, he has the luck of finding lions every time he goes out tracking! We think he will be a great competitor in the Lion Guardian Games too! Welcome Samulei!


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