Photos of Kapande

As you heard yesterday, we recently held the monthly Lion Guardians meeting. All the Lion Guardians attended the meeting, even Kapande, who has been very ill recently.


Looking at Kapande now, I just canâ??t believe that this is the person I knew two months ago. His fingers look longer than usual, his ears that used to be decorated with attractive beads, and the beautiful arms with coloured bracelets are now not the ones I used to know. Here is a photo of Kapande at the meeting.


I wish I had powers over nature – my first priority would be to eliminate sickness. But I am happy that my prayers for Kapande were answered â?? because although he now looks different to how he used to, emaciated and tired, it is surely just a matter of days before he will be back to his normal life again, helping his community to conserve the lions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all donors and blog readers for supporting his medical bills, and for their prayers and encouragement during this hard period for him. Kapande also asked me to pass his heart felt gratitude to you for all your support.


  • Oh Antony, Kapande does indeed look very frail…yet he came to this meeting anyway, what determination! Please accept my little ray of sunshine today, for Kapande. Thank you.

  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    It’s good to see he is beginning to get his health back. How are his wife and new daughter?

  • Nancy says:


    Grow strong
    Grow strong
    Grow strong,
    and heal.

    I pray for your continued recovery, that your body can take in and process nourishment, that your mind brightens with positive light, and your heart fills with healing light and courage. and that you return soon to your life as a lion protector. You are a wondrous brave young man.


  • Nancy, how beautiful this get well message is! Thank you for such an uplifting entry. I wish we could send Kapande cards and packages, filled with goodies. Antony, is this possible?

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