Project Managers Training – Another Successful Course of the Lion Guardians Training Program

The Lion Guardians Training Center at Nairrabala on Olgulului Group Ranch, has hosted several Guardians training courses, community meetings and other stakeholder meetings since its official launch last year. But in September, the Training Center came into its own when it was the site of the first ever official Project Managers Training course, a week long rigorous insight into the Lion Guardians model and how to set up a Lion Guardians-based project. This first training was filled with collaborators from across the border in Tanzania. Representatives from Mikumi, Tarangire and Ngorongoro ecosystems were introduced to the core values and philosophy of the Lion Guardians program. They received in-depth training on community work, lion monitoring, and how to set-up their own Lion Guardians-based project. Interspersed between classroom lectures were field trips where the participants met with several community elders and Lion Guardians as well as followed a lion response report where they were lucky to see the Selenkay pride of 10 lions.

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“The content of the manual and the rigorous training have really given me an in-depth understanding of what it takes to establish a successful program like Lion Guardians. All this newfound knowledge gives me the confidence that I can do the same in the NCA.”  William Ole Seki (2nd from the right in picture on right above), Ngorongoro Lion Project

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The participants were all raring to go by the end of the workshop and in a meeting with the program’s Directors, they were eager to implement all they have learned during their training once they reach their respective areas. We are happy to report that the first Project Managers Training course was a resounding success and all the participants left saying they would recommend it.

 “Not only would I happily recommend this course to others, but I am personally ready to come back tomorrow!”  

John R.Mtimbanjayo, DGO Mikumi


Project Managers Training: September 2014 Participants and Trainers

(From L to R:  Back Row – William Ole Seki, Peter Parkepu, Eric Ole Kesoi, Aloyce Mwaana, Alex Chang’a

Front Row – John R Mtimbanjayo, Victoria Shelley)

All photographs copyright Ankit Patel

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