Proud of Birdie’s pride

Birdie Naape has been known by the Lion Guardians since 2004. Her Maasai name ‘Naape’ was given to her by the Lion Guardians monitoring her because she moves large distances on regular occasions across her home range.

Birdie, one of the oldest females in the ecosystem, has raised many cubs

When Birdie and her daughters Nempirbil and Nanyorri gave birth to a combined total of 9 cubs, we knew if the cubs survive, they will be one of the biggest prides in the ecosystem. The cubs which are now almost a year, look very healthy. The ability of these females to hunt together ensures a constant supply of meat which is critical to the growth of any lion. Yesterday, we found this pride resting in the open with a view of a large group of buffalos grazing nearby. The buffalos, whose population drastically reduced after the devastating 2009 drought look to be on the increase, especially along the Chyulu ranges.

Nanyorri is a Maasai name meaning "she who is loved"

This pride lives in one of the wildest places in the ecosystem therefore standing a better chance of increasing in numbers and raising the cubs to maturity. Sikiria and Oyayai, who are the resident male pair, stay nearby and pay occasional visits. Having been sponsored, this pride, which is now 14 in total, is one of the biggest in the ecosystem and our Lion Guardians are happy to keep on monitoring them to ensure their safety.

Nembirbil and her cubs


  • Sonja says:

    It’s news like this that keeps me optimistic and happy about our lions. Good work on these ladies and their fellas keeping their territory secure and getting the kiddos to a year old. 🙂

    Good work, guardians!

  • Pirjo says:

    Thank you for this positive & uplifting story. This is just what I needed after following that sad case of lioness spearing in Masai Mara couple of days ago.. Don’t want to go into details of that case, because I’m sure you are aware of it. What happened in Masai Mara makes it even more importnat that the Lion Guardian projects expands and the young Maasai warriors will come to understand that it’s so much better to protect lions than spear them.

    Can’t thank you enough for the work you do.

  • Dana says:

    @ Pirjo – I think I know what you are speaking about in the Mara recently. Makes me so upset. I go there every year and I want to have a serious discussion with some of the young warriors this Fall.

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