Re-union with Sikiria

Sikiria is a male lion that initially baffled us with his movement patterns. However, since arriving at Mbirikani, he has found a perfect area to settle in. Oltiasika is an ideal lion habitat which is full of prey, water, enough females and has one of the best places to hide, the lava. Apart from engaging in some serious and consistent livestock depredation that almost stretched communal tolerance to the limit, Sikiria and his brother Oyayai had a very bright side unknown to many… dreams of expansion!

Sikiria and his brother Oyayai (standing) taking a break after an unsuccessful hunt for an eland

They have sired not less than 10 cubs in a very short time with 4 females in the area. Some of these cubs are now nearly eight months thanks to the constant care of their mothers in one of the safest areas in the ecosystem, the lava. Yesterday, when we found Sikiria and his brother shortly before sunset, I was amazed by their body size, sheer beauty and elegant manes. Sikiria has grown big in a short time and as usual, was absolutely at ease with our car while stretching with the beautiful Chyulu hills in the background. Eland are a favorite prey, and we watched as one luckily escaped the pair. By the look of things, the usual nomadic tendencies for this pair will be restricted to the Oltiasika area, courtesy of prey, safety and love.

Oyayai  and his brother seem to have settled, for now, in the Oltiasika area of Mbirikani Group Ranch
Oyayai and his brother seem to have settled, for now, in the Oltiasika area of Mbirikani Group Ranch


  • Mark Kelly says:

    A beautiful post. I haven’t been to Lion Guardians for a while but it’s awesome to know that some lions are thriving and some safe places still exist for the lions.

  • sauwah says:

    they look so beautiful and powerful! it’s just great that their cubs are doing so well. thanks for this happy news.

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