Read the Lion Guardians Annual Report

We are pleased to announce that the Lion Guardians Annual Report is now available on the Living with Lions website. We have had a fantastic year, expanding our monitoring and community work to two additional group ranches in the Amboseli ecosystem. To read about our successful work over the last year please click here to download the report. We hope you enjoy reading it.


We are also pleased to let you know that during this time of heightened human-wildlife conflict, the Lion Guardians are doing a great job at monitoring lions to make sure they reduce any potential attacks on livestock, and are quelling any retaliatory attacks against lions.

We will update you on the new date of the Lion Guardian Games as soon as the Lion Guardians feel they can leave their communities and participate.

Thank you all for your support over the last year and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our blog readers!


  • Joachim says:

    Hi Antony,

    i just see the report of your work on German Television. Great Job you and the other Guardians doing. I wish you and all your friends a happy new year and on my next stay in Kenia we will vistit you.

    Margrit & Joachim / Munich / Germany

  • Rebecca, Australia says:

    I just read the entire report, great stuff. Good to see the progress that has been made and how your model is being noticed by people in other regions who think it would work for them too. Truly pioneering work that you are doing at Lion Guardians.

  • Dear Lion Guardians,

    Just wanted to stop in and say hello, I love each and everyone
    of you for the hard work you are doing. These cats are magnificent Animals and we must not loose them. i feel my hands
    are tied sometimes, but someday in future I hope to be able to
    help. To my special friend Antony Kasanga keep up the work
    it’s your destiny. love ya

    valerie warburton

  • Thanks Valerie – We are all so grateful for your fantastic support!

  • Thank to you to every one of you who has read the annual report (and likes what we are doing!) Please spread the word!

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