Selekay Conservancy comes to life!

With the current well distributed short rains having made the whole terrain verdant, wild ungulates found perfect reason for a holiday outside Amboseli National Park. They streamed out as they usually do into the open plains and ranches adjacent to the Park. Hundreds of elephant families from the park were the first to make forays outside and they found plenty of green grass and vegetation. The seasonal Selenkei River did not disappoint as it burst its banks and poured the much needed pools of water to the seasonally swampy, yet flat landscape in the Conservancy. The elephants enjoy the silence and the almost undisturbed natural green vegetation that is lacking in the park.

Elephant enjoying the lushness of the Selenkay Conservancy
Elephant enjoying the lush grass

Giraffes also invaded in big groups and from the look of things, their number must have increased tenfold over the last few years based on their abundance. Elands, zebra and wildebeests are in the hundreds, as well as different species of gazelles and antelopes. The plush green landscape makes for a perfect breeding ground, not to mention the close proximity of seasonal water sources. The Conservancy is also home to thousands of different bird species with their beautiful morning and sundowner musical sounds a constant companion.


What has made this festive season in Selenkay Conservancy very unique is the number of lions. Selenkay pride, which is a group of 11 lions, now inhabits the south eastern side bordering Mbirikani. Manenkop, Pua and cub, as well as 3 of Nosioki’s sub adults have made the north western side closer to Tulakaria their home. A few days ago, Nempakaai, Nolakunte and Asama, who are well known Park lions, followed the prey and are now in the south of the Conservancy. They have with them 5 cubs that are almost a year old. Asama, a well known livestock killer has reportedly, unsuccessfully tried to enter into temporary bomas at night but failed. My prayer and hope is that these lions stay out of trouble and find reason to make Selenkay Conservancy a permanent habitat. If all of these lion stay till the end of the long rains, Selenkay Conservancy will be the envy of many since it will boast of a lion population of 25!!

Nempakai's cubs playing just out side of Amboseli Park
Nempakai's cubs playing

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