Sponsor a lion: it’s not too late!

If you’re considering making a last-minute tax exempt donation to a worthwhile cause for 2011, there’s still time left to sponsor a lion!

Your lion sponsorship could be a gift to a loved one, or a wonderful way to fulfil a new year’s resolution to help make a difference in conservation.

You will be the sole sponsor for your lion – a truly unique opportunity. So if an individual lion has captured your heart this year, or you’d like to give a lion family the best start for 2012, this is one way to aid their protection. Alternatively, we’ll choose a lion that needs your help. If your favourite lion has already been sponsored, you can sponsor a pride mate or family member.

Give a lion the best start for 2012
Help your favourite lion in 2012 - Nemasi still needs a sponsor!

We still have all levels of sponsorship available, but cub sponsorships are going fast! The donation process is easy peasy, it’s fully tax exempt, and you’ll get confirmation straight away.

We’ll send you a certificate listing your lion’s name and the level of sponsorship, addressed to you or a recipient of your choice. Please read our earlier post for more details.


Sponsor a cub at $250 here

Sponsor a sub-adult at $500 here

Sponsor an adult at $1,000 here

Sponsor a lion family at $5,000 here


To sponsor a lion, click follow the links above to go to our donation page. Please specify in the comments the level of sponsorship, the name (or names) you would like on the certificate, your chosen lion (if you’d like), and the email address you would like the certificate to be sent to.  You can also email us any additional information at lionguardian@gmail.com.

Whatever the level of sponsorship, 100% of your donation goes directly to funding the work undertaken to protect you lion; from employing Lion Guardians, to operating our lion monitoring efforts.

Thanks again from the Lion Guardians team, and have a wonderful New Year!

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