Thank you and Season’s Greetings!

The Lion Guardians would like to say a very big THANK YOU and SEASON’S GREETINGS to all their fantastic blog readers! It has been a very busy but extremely successful year, with the expansion of the project to two more ranches in the Amboseli ecosystem, and the employment and training of 15 new Lion Guardians!

Most importantly there were NO LIONS KILLED in the areas where the Lion Guardians work! We are extremely very grateful to the communities of Mbirikani, Eselenkei and Oglulului, for working with us, and for ensuring that no lions are killed on their ranches, despite the devastating drought they have faced. Our annual report will be available for you to read after the Lion Guardian Games in early January.


We are grateful to each and every one of you that has donated to us, especially those who helped us raise the money for the Lion Guardian Games which we are now preparing for!

We would like to in particular thank our Lion Guardians Sponsors, who by making a monthly donation, are paying for the wages and all costs associated with one of our Lion Guardians.

Thank you to:

Anne C
Brenton H
Katherine J
Jia L
Richard V
Scott R
Susan C

As well as our fabulous Lion Guardian sponsors we would also like to thank Delineations, Hashi H. Lois C, Erin A, Adrienne H, Jacqueline G, Rachel W, Pirjo I, Eleanor T, Aleta W, Anila J, Ulrika E, Jessica F, Mary M, Charisse V, Ben N, Robert W and David S who have all donated in December.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANTASTIC SUPPROTERS! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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