Thank you to our donors!

The Lion Guardins would like to thank everyone who has supported us recently.

Thank you to: Katherine J, Samantha V, Scott R, Richard V, Black C, Lois C, Hashi H, Anne C, Diane K, Jessica F, Mary P, Pirjo I, Mary H, Shannon C, The F, Angela G, Kerryn W, Mike S, Sauwah T, Jason L, Ana L, Sheri H and Angela D. Here are the Mbirikani Lion Guardians at our last monthly meeting, who would all like to extend their thanks to you.


Your support is invaluable. We use the money donated through this blog to pay the Guardians’ wages, as well as for all the essential items that are used by them on a daily basis, like paper and pens so they can fill in their data forms, phone credit so they can call camp with their lion reports and all the other monthly costs that enable us to run the project effectively. Thank you so much for helping us to keep the Lion Guardians project running.


With the expansion of the project on to the new ranch Eselenkei, we have also been able to use your donations to pay for equipment for the new Guardians – backpacks to carry their equipment in, GPS devices, and receivers and aerials for tracking collared lions. With your donations you are helping the survival of cubs like these two, who are in Nempakai’s pride.


Now plans are underway to start the Lion Guardians program on Olgulului Group Ranch, another neighbouring ranch in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem. With this step we will be expanding the project to an area which borders Amboseli National Park, and therefore has very high human wildlife conflict.

Please continue with your generous donations, so that we can make a difference to the lions throughout the whole ecosystem. There is no point conserving lions in one ranch if they might be killed when they wander into a neighbouring area!

Than you so much for your help!

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