Visiting lions in London!

On Saturday, I had to go to London to take an English exam at Acton College. After my exam, I had some time to walk around London, the oldest city I have ever seen!

It was a great experience to see this old city that I had only ever seen in movies before. I got the chance to visit the British Museum and learned a lot about Greek and Egyptian history. Here I am in front of the British Museum…



And inside the museum with a very ancient lion!

I went to Trafalgar Square and saw another lion! I am so proud that there are many statues of the amazing animals we are trying to protect all over London, and I hope this means that the people of England love these animals and want to help protect them. If that is true – please help us with a donation! The Lion Guardians still need your support! And a big thank you to those of you who have donated recently.


I also went to the River Thames and saw St Paul’s Cathedral (you can see it in the distance below).


I also saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.



It was such an amazing place, and I only had one afternoon to look at it all, so I plan to visit with my class mates. I’d really like to visit Buckingham Palace and the London Eye too.

After all is said and done, I am crossing my fingers that I will pass the English exam, which will determine my stay here at Oxford University.


  • Spots Kenya says:

    great post and hope th exams go well for you

  • Brenton H says:

    Wonderful photos of you Antony! Good luck with the exams. Brenton.

  • Timi says:

    I am sorry to correct you, but lion used to be a very common symbol for war parties, and is used in many places that relate to officialdom or state or such, all around the “civilized” world. Even Finland’s state flag has a lion on it! It has nothing to do with love of animals, unfortunately.

  • sauwah says:

    great photos. and good luck to your english exam. i am sure you will pass it in flying colors! and timi was right. the sad truth was the powerful and the previliged loved the qualities lions ( especially the males ) carried like power, dignity and might. and their so called loved drove these men to kill the very animals they so admired. such love of killing still continues by the wealthy men or women from these so called advanced and civilized nations.

  • Lynne, Arkansas, US says:

    Here’s wishing you the best on your exam!

  • Anna M says:

    Nice Pictures Antony and I agree with Sauwah and Timi comments, they are so right, the English national team in Football (soccer) the main sport here in England has the nickname of “the Three Lions” and they carry three lions on the crest embedded on their shirts, I guess it symbolising courage, strength and power ! Also I never thought I would see photos of places I go past everyday on the way to my work here on a Wildlife Direct post (Big Ben and the parliament)… All the best with your exams I am sure you’ll be fine !

  • Thank you for your comments! I hope that seeing lions everywhere reminds people of these wonderful creatures, even though they were not put there because of love for animals!

    Results in 2 weeks!

  • Annie says:

    Look at you!!!!!! How awesome is that! Enjoy your stay and spread the word about your cause while you are there! Much luck to you on the will do fine I am sure! Take care!

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