Yummy fundraising for Lion Guardians!

We are very pleased that a school in the UK has been getting involved in fundraising for the Lion Guardians. The children have been reading the blog and finding out about lion conservation, Maasai people and Kenya. I think it is fantastic that children are getting interested in lion conservation and the problems that are faced by carnivores living in the wild.

They have organised a cake sake to raise funds for the Lion Guardians, and have been very busy designing posters to advertise it. Here are two of the posters, that we were sent.


Isn’t it great that people from across the world are doing their bit to help us to raise funds to the Lion Guardians!? Thank you very much for your efforts. All the Lion Guardians would like to wish you GOOD LUCK with the cake sale! We hope it goes very well! Thank you!

It would be great if you could take some photos, and we can post them on the blog for everyone to see. And anyone else who holds any events to raise funds for the Lion Guardians, however big or small, please take a photo, and we can show everyone on the blog!


We are still waiting for news on the hyena from last night. We will update you when we hear anything.


  • Wanda, Atlanta says:

    Thanks makes lions sound kind of SWEET…………………..

  • P.H. says:

    The sale went very well despite the rain,which you have to expect in England.Class 4 worked very hard, baking and selling. We have a few cakes left which we will sell tomorrow and the class will be writing to you then.

  • Lucy says:

    Hello! I am writing to ask about how to donate from the UK. I haven’t used Paypal before and am worried about being charged by my bank for donating in dollars. Do you know if it is possible to donate using pound sterling and avoid the charges?

  • Form 4 from Westbury House School in England says:

    The cake sale was a big success, the cakes looked good and were tasty. Mrs Abakuks will send some photographs. Guess how much we raised? – £211!

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