A very cute little cub!

Yesterday we received a report from Lion Guardians Meingati and Lentooma in northern Olgulului, that they had found the tracks of two lionesses together with a set of very small tracks. With their tracking equipment they picked up the signal of the collared lioness Nempakai, who often visits Amboseli National Park, and when we drove to the area we were able to track Nempakai down to an area near the border of the park and Olgulului Group Ranch. And what a fantastic sight greeted us!

 cute cub

The Lion Guardians tracking skills were perfectly accurate. Nempakai was with another lioness, and a very sweet little cub!


The cub was very playful and having a great time stalking mum and practising her prey killing by biting mum’s neck!

prey bite

It was a lovely sight to behold and we are very glad to share it with you too!



  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    These photos certainly did brighten my Friday morning. What an adorable little cub–but aren’t they all. I hope she grows up to become a Mamma herself.

  • PaulaB says:

    Gorgeous little cub!

  • Anne C says:

    OH MY GOD! These photos are fantastic. Thanks so much for posting them.

  • Ingrid Gerlo says:

    What a lovely lion cub!

  • sauwah says:

    is this cub a male? he/she is very cute indeed. and wish this baby well and will grow up into mighty lion or lioness. if he is the only boy, he will have a hard time once be ousted.

  • Hashi Hanta says:

    Yesterday, June 22, I made a contribution of $25 to Panthera, earmarked for Lion Guardians. This was to be for Lentooma’s father’s medical bills. As per the instructions, I tried to click on the blue link at the top of the email, to inform Lion Guardians that I had made this donation. I tried clicking on the blue link several times and always a blank page came up saying that the page could not be found. Can you please respond to this, and let me know that my donation has, in fact, gone towards the hospital bills. I hope others are not making donations, and unable to pull up that page from the link, their donations are not going to help Lentooma’s father.

  • Hi Hashi, Thank you very much for your donation. We apologise, there was a problem with this post. We will send you an email very shortly. Thank you again for your support.
    From the Lion Guardians team.

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