A lion update from Mbirikani

Now that the worst of the human-wildlife conflict seems to be over we thought we would give you some news of the lions on Mbirikani. The lionesses Elikan and Selenkay who are usually seen together with their 4 cubs are doing very well and we are pleased to report that they are still staying away from livestock and sticking to wild prey. Good news for Elikan and Selenkay, and for the Lion Guardians! Here is Selenkay:


Nimaoi has 2 cubs, which we have finally been able to see closely enough to reveal that there is one male and one female. They are both doing very well and have not been in any trouble with livestock recently.

However, the same cannot be said for male lion Kasaiyou and his younger male companion Lormanie, who have been spotted a few times by the Lion Guardians in the past few weeks. Unfortunately they have been spending some time around bomas, and last week they moved around 6 bomas in one night, and ended up killing a donkey after scaring livestock out of their temporary enclosure. The Lion Guardians are keeping a close eye on these two, and are making sure they warn the local communities when the lions are in the area. Here is Kesaiyou:


More news from the lions and the Lion Guardians soon!


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