An update on Nimaoi’s cubs and ostrich for dinner!

As we reported back in January, Mbirikani lioness Nimaoi had her first litter of 3 cubs, with the suspected father being Kasaiyo. Here they are at the beginning of the year.



Since then, one sadly seems to have disappeared, leaving a male and a female cub for Nimaoi to look after, and we are pleased to report that the remaining cubs are still doing very well. We have even managed to get a photo of Nimaoi with her male cub who has grown a lot! Here they are:

Nimaoi & male cub

We will keep you updated on their progress. Another interesting piece of news from the lions of Mbirikani is that the prey choice for lion mothers at the moment seems to be ostrich! Mothers Selenkay, Elikan and also Nimaoi have been found on more than one occasion recently with ostrich kills. They have been seen chasing off vultures and jackals trying to scavenge their delicious dinner. Perhaps it’s the favourite meal for lion cubs! Watch out ostriches – there are hungry cubs to feed on Mbirikani!



  • Kate Nicholls says:

    Very interested to read about the ostrich. When I was working with lions my oldest son and I came upon an adult male sitting by an ostrich nest with 6 eggs in it. He was calm and his claws remained retraced throughout the event. He cracked the eggs, one by one, with his teeth and from each out spilled a live chick. Each chick rested fearless on his paws for a few moments before being eaten.
    Extraordinary to see ostrich chicks imprinting on lion!

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