Another Lion Guardian falls ill

This month seems to be a tough one for us Guardians. For the third time in a month we have a Guardian fallen ill. Earlier in the month Mokoi had a very bad problem with his eye, which meant that he couldn’t close it, and it seemed to almost pop right out of the socket. At first he treated it with herbal remedies, but it did not get any better. Eventually he took your and our advice and visited the clinic. He was given some treatment and his eye has started to get better. It is not back to normal yet, but he is definitely on the mend.

Also this month Koikai injured his chest when he fell down running away from an elephant, while he was out tracking lions. I took him to the clinic immediately and he is now better. Here are Mokoi and Koikai.


Now it is Lion Guardian Ritei who is unwell. He came late for the end of month meeting and he apologized for his lateness saying he fell ill while he was preparing to come to camp. Here he is with his favourite animal!


He was so dedicated to the Guardians, and to representing his community that he got a bike to bring him to the meeting, and I had to take him back with my bike afterwards- he was too weak to walk. He seems to be feeling very weak and unwell. I hope he gets better soon.


  • sauwah says:

    i did not know tracking down lions can be dangerous. i know i do want to be near to any elephant at all since it’s a lot bigger than i. and male elephants do have a bad temper so i have heard.

    i do hope your two brave and dedicated guardians will get better soon since the lions need them.

  • Annie says:

    Yes get well! The beautiful lions need you!

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