Another warrior to protect lions

The forthcoming age-set transition and the entry of the new moran age-group has been in our minds for some time now. While wanting to combine both experience and youth together we have been trying to identify hard working youthful morans who will gel very quickly with the new moran age-set.

One of the new youthful Lion Guardians in Southern Olgulului is Parkepu. He represents the Mbaringoi zone which is situated centrally within the Kitirua concession area. Being a young, honest and hardworking moran, he has impressed us with his willingness and ability to learn within no time. Though he is a man of few words he has been good in monitoring one of the biggest prides in Southern Olgulului, a pride of 12 lions.


One of his strong traits is his respect not just for his immediate seniors but also to any community member around his age. Being almost of the same age as the new morans we expect to use him to stop them from any lion killing in the future. Karibu Parkepu!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT, part of Ker and Downey Safaris) for sponsoring all the Lion Guardians in Southern Olgulului and allowing us to share their base camp. Their support is invaluable and we would like to say a big Asante Sana to them from all the Lion Guardians!

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