Meet brave Ngida, another new Lion Guardian

Of all the new Lion Guardians in Southern Olgulului, the most likeable character is Ngida. Being a past lion killer, his bravery is reported far and wide beyond his immediate zone. He is a leader in his own right, largely due to his ability to read and write in a zone that is situated in the middle of nowhere!

 Lion Guardian Ngida

His complete honesty is revealed when he is not sure of something – he will always ask what you mean and seek your advice. He is very clear and understandable. Every time our Lion Guardians team have been out to verify his lion reports, they have been verified exactly as he gave the reports.

 Lion Guardian Ngida2

Nicknamed ‘Kitashu’ by his age-mates because of his bravery, we expect him to play a critical role in his conflict-prone zone of Emerua-Oldule which will also act as the base for the new moran age-set manyatta. His influence will come in handy during the forthcoming transition period when the new morans will start their journey into warriorhood. Welcome Ngida to the Lion Guardians team!


  • Jimmy from Ireland says:

    Its great to see another worthy Lion Guardian joining the team – the future of Kenya’s Lions literally lie in their hands

  • sauwah says:

    Great news that the Lion Guardian team has one more new member. Another great warrior for the lions and livestock alike.

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