Busy with the BBC

Sorry we haven’t made a post for a while. We are very busy hosting a BBC film crew who are staying with us to find out about the Lion Guardians. We hope that the film they make will encourage more people to read about our work and help us conserve lions. I will write more about this when we have finished filming.




  • paula says:

    You guys are movie stars!

  • Pauline says:

    This is exciting. I hope you will tell us what the programme is and when we will be able to see it.

  • Maggie UK says:

    I hope the BBC show the film on the coming …Big Cat Live…
    The 2008 show from Maasai Mara starts…
    5th-12th October,at 6.45pm(GMT)on BBC One, 8pm(GMT) on BBC Two.
    From 28th September they start 24 hour live webcams!
    Check out their website now for details of videos and updates.
    (tried posting about this earlier, but the post didn’t appear)
    If they show the film during Big Cat Live, you guys
    will get massive coverage and, hopefully, vital donations.

  • Hi Maggie, the documentary about the Lion Guardians will not be shown until early 2009, so won’t be at the same time as Big Cat Live, which is a shame. I hope all the people that tune in to see the big cats in the Masai Mara will also be interested in out work and help with donations too. It might be easy to forget that lions need to be conserved when they seem quite common in National Parks like the Masai Mara!

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