Lion Guardians help the neighbours

After our busy time filming with the BBC, which I will write more about soon, the Lion Guardians are full of activity yet again. They are passing on their expertise to some lion scouts from another ranch called Kuku. These lion scouts have come over to learn how to do the kind of work that we do, so they can help conserve carnivores on their ranch.


This morning Lion Guardians Koikai and Mokoi showed them how to read and write GPS coordinates, so that when they find a lion, a kill or anything of interest they can mark the location. In the afternoon they showed them how to track lions. I hope this will make an impact on the Maasailand lion population and the community in general. It will also be really useful for us, so that when any of our collared lions move beyond the borders of our ranch the Kuku scouts can help us to track them.


Koikai is one of the most experienced and sharpest of the Lion Guardians. That is why we had to pick him to train the lion scouts from Kuku. Mokoi is the oldest Guardian and with his expertise in handling issues with young people I decided to ask him to come too and help Koikai with the training.



  • Scoot says:

    Is there going to be a branch of Lion Guardians in Kuku
    or are they going to work independantly of you?

  • Hi Scoot, thanks for your comment. The scouts on Kuku are not part of the Lion Guardians but we will all be working towards the same goals. We are however expanding the Lion Guardians to another neighbouring ranch called Olgulului, where there is currently a big problem with carnivore killing, so we are very excited about that!

  • sauwah says:

    great news! and the Olgulului ranch’s lions and other wild predators do need your help along with the livestock owners. so i have heard too many lives of lions are lost in that big ranch. help is needed fast. i hope time is not running out on the lions there.

    i did notice the beautiful bracelet. can they be posted to be sold in order to raise fund for your work and training?

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