CBC News visit Lion Guardians

Over the last few days we have been enjoying a visit from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). CBC News’ Africa correspondent David McGuffin had heard about the good conservation work of the Lion Guardians and the help they are providing their community and came to film a short news piece on us.

It is great that the work of the Lion Guardians will be seen by more people – the more that know about what we do, the more donations we will receive (I hope!) and this will ensure that we can continue to run the program in the future.


We visited Lion Guardians Mokoi and Olubi’s bomas, and showed them the kind of help the Guardians give their communities. They interviewed members of the community who were eager to talk about the support they are getting from the Guardians to mitigate conflict and reduce attacks by predators.


We also showed them all the other work the Lion Guardians do – helping herders in the grazing fields, fixing bomas, finding lost livestock in the bush and of course tracking lions.


I hope some of our blog audience from Canada will be able to see this piece on CBC, and those across the world will also be able to see it on their website. We will let you know when the piece will be aired, and when it appears on their site, and then you can tell all your friends to watch it too!


  • Lisa, Seattle says:

    Great news Antony.

  • Francis says:

    That’s great Antony, I’ll be sure to watch it when it airs here. CBC is a national network so you should get a lot of exposure. Hope they mention your blog so people can come here to read more about all the hard work you and the Lion Guardians are doing for the lions. Thanks and stay safe

  • Annie says:

    Awesome……….thanks Lion Guardians for the work you do! Bless you all!

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