Tourism Minister visits Chyulus

Last week I heard that Kenya’s tourism minister Honorable Najib Balala would be visiting the Chyulus to re-open the lodge that is near to our camp. I had to go and see this man who is so famous in the coalition government.


In the minister’s speech he promised to help strengthen the wildlife in the area by providing training to combat wildlife poaching and lion killing by communities. We will have to wait and see whether these things he has promised will happen. I do hope he does try to support the wildlife here.



  • Lucy says:

    I am glad the Kenyan government is promising to help the work of the Lion Guardians. There has been a lot of news coverage in the UK about the plight of the lions due to poisoning and I hope the government will try and combat this.

  • bonnie says:

    I really hope that the government will really pull their finger out and really offer long term protection to these amazing animals because an Africa without lions would not be right!

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