Christmas cards – important info!

If you have bought any Lion Guardians Christmas cards, please note:

You MUST make a written order for the cards by posting a comment on the blog after you have donated. This is the only way that we can get access to your email address, and find out the postal address you would like the cards to be sent to. For security reasons we do not have access to any of the details you use to donate to us.

Delineations, Joyce N, Cindy C and Sarah A (and Ruth K if your donation was for Christmas cards) please add a comment as we need your email address in order to send you the cards!



  • Cindy C says:

    Yes I did buy cards, let me know what you need from me. I am so grateful for all your hard work and information that we are lucky to see.

  • Sharon S says:

    I purchased Christmas cards…thanks

  • Delineations says:

    Hi! I bought Christmas cards, and am happy to provide whatever information I need to 🙂

  • Brenton H says:

    They are wonderful Christmas cards. Dont be shy to leave a message for the Lion Guardians becuase they need our feedback from around the world.

  • Thanks Brenton – really glad you like the cards! And yes, we need the comments to come in or we can’t send out the wonderful cards!

  • Ruth K says:

    I learned about your website through Poptech, & I think that you all are doing great work. How brave of you all to step away from tradition & to protect these magnificent creatures.
    I look forward to checking in & reading your updates.
    I wish you much love & continued success .

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Hello everyone,
    I bought Christmas cards and read the email saying that we need to confirm, here, that we bought cards. I placed an order for $22. Do you need more information?

  • Ruth K says:

    Hi folks,
    I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I did order Christmas cards

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