A few days ago the Lion Guardians were thrilled to be involved in the re-collaring of female lion Selenkay. Lion Guarians Mokoi and Olubi had tracked her that morning and found her with her two companions Narika and Elikan. Here are Selenkay and Narika lying together peacefully under some trees.


Selenkay’s collar needed to be changed and Guardians from Mbirikani and Olgulului met up to help, and to have a close encounter with the beautiful lioness.


They were all extremely happy to get the opportunity to get up close to a live lion, especially as they were able to proudly say that this is one of the lions they are helping to save. The last time most of these warriors got this close to a lion was probably when they were examining a dead lion that they had helped to hunt!

They were all very happy that this time the lion was only sleeping, and that it would soon wake up and continue life under their protection.

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  • Jeremy Rothfield

    What is the process for installing collars, and is there a vet on hand in case something goes wrong?

  • lionguardians

    Hi Jeremy! I do not know the details, as the Lion Guardians do not do it themselves, but I know it involves darting the lion so it is immobilized, while the collar is changed, and during this time we are able to see how beautiful and truly fantastic these animals are up close! Thanks for reading!

  • Lynne J

    Thank you, Lion Guardians,for your courageous, devoted, compassionate, and important work that you do. You are all hero’s!

  • lionguardians

    Thank you Lynne for your lovely comment!

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