Our collared lioness, Nempakaai, that usually lives in Amboseli has been located with cubs. The lioness was collared early last year with the help of Guardians Olubi and Mokoi, to the West of Mbirikani. She then moved to Amboseli National Park with a pride of two females. Here is a photo of Lion Guardians Olubi and Mokoi with Nempakaai.


This lioness got her name from the location she was collared, a place called Empakaai Oolaiserr. Empakaai Oolaiserr used to be a Manyatta (a boma where warriors stay for many years) for the Ilkishumu age-group. Close to the boma was a big dam known in Maasai as Empakaai. Ilkishumu are now elders and an equivalent of my dads age, and he is 52 years old.


Nempakaai was with 8 other lions including these two cubs. It seems these lions have moved out of the park and are now on Mbirikani Group ranch close to where she was collared. Look at these beautiful little cubs, with fine handsome spots, uh! they are just amazing. It gives me the courage and pleasure to attain any limits to conserve them.


Thank you all so much for your donations to the Lion Guardians. We are so grateful for your generosity, and happy that we can continue conserving these amazing animals.

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  • louise

    Wauw, they sure look handsome! Almost cuddly, but i know; don’t try this at home… Hopefully for you guys they stay in the neighbourhood so you can monitor them closely and make more beautyful pictures.

  • Reply

    They’re precious! More pictures will always be a treat for us. And if you happen to come across a serval or caracal, please post a picture. I’ll keep this group of lions in my prayers. I hope the young guardian injured by the elephant is doing better. Thanks Antony for all you and your guardians do!

  • Joanne - UK

    Its lovely to hear good news. The pictures are great x

  • Brittany from Westbury House School in England

    Aren’t they sweet! We have been reading your blog at school.

  • Class 3 from Westbury House School in England

    Thank- you for looking after the cubs and lions, keeping them safe in the wild.

  • Fiona

    I like that schools are seeing this blog. The future of our wildlife lies with the ones attending school right now.

  • sauwah

    it is great that these young and handsome lion guardians really enjoy their work. I consider their lions are the truly the lucky ones.

    i truly hope this pride and other lions will live on around and within the amboseli park as long as the earth shall last.

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