Now that the new Lion Guardians website is up and running, it has been super interesting to monitor the demographics of who is visiting the website.  To date, 562 people have visited the website a total of 792 times.  They spend on average 2 minutes and 41 seconds perusing the site, visiting an average of 2.91 pages per visit.  They come from 51 different countries – with the bulk of them in the US, followed by the UK.  Our goal for the month is to get up to 1,000 visitors – so please, come check out the site!

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  • Marie-Claire

    I am one of the 23 Frenchies who visit your web site, each morning! Congratulations for this new web site and all you do.

    • Lion Guardians

      Merci for your support!

  • Hamina Kang

    Hi , i am from India . I am so happy to see the work being done by these Brave men . I am thankful and really delighted that these men are putting their skills into conservation. BRAVO.

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