The Lion Guardians program has been extremely successful at preventing lion deaths, and we have received many requests from other countries to tell them more about it.  This month, the Lion Guardians Blog will be on a brief hiatus while Eric is investigating the plausibility of expanding the Lion Guardians program to Tanzania.  We can’t wait to hear what he finds!

Please remember that we need your help to keep the Lion Guardian program running. This year, our followers’ response to Living With Lions and the Lion Guardians has been very supportive, but it would be fantastic if we could get financial support as well!  Please donate today to keep us going!

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  • Kate Nicholls

    EXCELLENT news. The LG’s offer a great model and I hope that Eric’s trip is successful.

  • Pirjo

    After meeting Maen, from the Olgulului project area,in person,I’m going to make the arrangements to change my monthly donation into sponsoring him. The transfer will take place next month.

    All the best to Eric and his efforts to start the program in Tanzania.The rampant wildlife poaching in Tanzania have to be stopped, especially when it’s a known fact that Tanzania is still a stronghold for many species, which are declining in numbers elsewhere.

    Looking forward to hear how the trip is going.

  • sauwah

    me too. Tanzania is one of the very few countries that have good size population of lions; so they need your work badly. i know the Masai attitude towards lions there must be changed for the survival of this endangered species ( i know they are not listed due to pressure and interests from big game hunting safari industry and canned lion hunting from south africa ).

  • lacey

    …its very nice


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