Goat party!

After the training with the NRT scouts, where we all learnt a lot about lions three Lion Guardians; Mokoi, Olubi and Lenkina slaughtered a goat for our guests. We had to give them a chance to slaughter the goat in their traditional Samburu way so that they could take the goat blood while it was still warm, before it clots. After that, we skinned the goat and roasted it in our Ilkisongo way (Ilkisongo is our section of Maasai). They were amazed at how we stick the meat on thin sticks and stand them up in holes next to a big fire, waiting for charcoal to get hot.


They were served the delicious roast meat while it was hot and were left licking their fingers! It was a totally different experience for them, as where they come from they just place the meat on the flames and it ends up burning. So they learnt more than just about lions on their tour down to the Chyulus – also about how to not burn their meat!

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