Introducing another new Lion Guardian

Lentooma Parsitau is another one of our new Lion Guardians on Olgulului Group Ranch. He represents the lower Risa zone. He is a young Maasai moran with a likeable character. His permanent beaming smiles keep his company happy and lively throughout any discussion. He likes to crack jokes with his age-mates and is a figure hard to ignore. Amongst the 72 morans who showed up to be interviewed as Lion Guardians, Lentooma strongly impressed us with his ability to read and write despite the fact that he left school at an early age.


You can tell that Lentooma comes from a family with a background in leadership. He has visible leadership attributes – a valuable asset for any Lion Guardian, but especially for one like Lentooma, who lives and works in an area known for producing very many skillful lion killers.


Lentooma will be able to talk down his age-mates and others if he detects a possible lion hunt within his zone. His ability to fill in data forms with ease has already proved an asset in the field. We also hope he will be an excellent competitor in the Lion Guardians Games!

Welcome to the team Lentooma!


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