Lion found dead â?? we are hoping it isnâ??t one of Nemasiâ??s cubs

A young lion has been found dead on our ranch. The carcass was found by a herder who was grazing his livestock in the area. He reported it to the Maasailand Preservation Trust who alerted us to investigate more. We are happy that the community is taking the initiative to report such things. It shows there is a good relationship between the community and the various organizations that are working towards wildlife conservation here.


The lion was very decomposed by the time we saw it, and was definitely more than four days old. We do not think it was a human-related death since it had all its body parts and there was no sign of any poisoning. It could be a young male trying to take over a pride, which was attacked and killed by another male protecting his territory.


It is also possible that this is one of the three cubs of our collared lion Nemasi. The Lion Guardians have recently tracked her in that same area, and she has been spending time with the collared male Lentim, who is not the father of the cubs.

We are currently trying to track Nemasi, so we can see how many cubs she has, but at the moment she is hiding in the thick forest that grows on top of the old lava flows, which we are unable to drive inside. It is very dangerous for the Guardians to track inside the lava on foot, as the forest is so dense that they would have to be very close to a lion to see it properly.

We will keep you updated on this story as soon as find out any news.


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