Searching for the answer â?? was the dead lion Nemasiâ??s cub?

Yesterday we went with Lion Guardian Solonka to look for Nemasi and her cubs, to try to find out whether she still has all three with her, or whether perhaps the dead lion that was found was one of her cubs. We listened for Nemasi’s collar, first from this high point, where we found no signal.


Then we went to the side of the lava forest by the hill where the dead lion was found. Here we picked up her signal and also that of Lentim, the male collared lion she has been seen with recently.


We drove around the lava until her signal became even stronger. We got out of the car and started to look for tracks.


Solonka found some lion tracks, which we followed up the side of the hill.


Then, as we were tracking from the roof of the car we were lucky enough to see Lentim and another lion,  that we think was Nemasi, walking off into the thick lava forest in the distance. We did not see any cubs.

Tonight we will go out again to try and get a closer look. More soon!


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