Lion Guardian data collection

Yesterday I went out on my bike to collect data sheets from some of the Lion Guardians. They tell me what work they have been doing – whether they have seen or heard any lions, or found any lion tracks, and whether anyone in the community has told them about lions in the area. They also tell me how they have helped the community by finding lost livestock or by building better bomas, so that lions can’t attack their livestock at night.

On this journey I was giving Maria a lift from camp, so we had her bags and mine – the bike was heavily loaded! Here we are ready to leave camp.
And here we are less than one minute later! We had a few problems getting going, but arrived safely in the end!

Thank you for all your comments and donations, and hello to our readers from Westbury House School. It is great that you are reading the blog at school! I’m so pleased you are interested in lions, and want to help save them!


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