Lion Guardian Games update

Hello everyone, especially those of you who made donations towards the Lion Guardian Games, which were due to be held between Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately the lack of herbivores and presence of weak cows returning after the drought meant that there was a sudden increase in attacks on livestock by carnivores, and even more unfortunately this lead to a number of attempted lion hunts.

 Eric and the new Lion Guardians

The Guardians were all urgently needed in their zones – the risk of taking them all away from their communities, even for a day, was agreed by all to be too great, and we had to postpone the Games. The Lion Guardians have been working non stop ever since, to make sure that no more lions are killed. We would like to congratulate them on their impressive efforts, and are hoping that things are now slowly calming down.

 Lion Guardians Mbirikani

We are tentatively hoping to hold the Games in mid-March, but of course the welfare of the lions is paramount, and it is better that we are certain that the communities are happy and no lion hunts are taking place before we finally make a date for the Games.

Thank you all for your patience and we will promise to keep you posted with any further developments! Fingers crossed for a calmer time for the Guardians soon!

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