How to donate to the Lion Guardians and where your money goes

I’d like to remind all our blog readers how they can help lion conservation by making donations to the Lion Guardians project on this blog. Every single donation made through the Lion Guardians blog goes towards the project. A lot of the funds raised go towards the project’s daily running costs, such as paying the Lion Guardians wages, buying paper to print their data sheets on, and fuel for the project’s vehicle. Funds also go towards purchasing equipment like a GPS or radio telemetry equipment to track collared lions, or backpacks for the Guardians to carry their equipment in. Pilenanka here shows off his data forms and backpack, which your donations have helped to buy.

Lion Guardian Pilenanka fills in a data form

As many of you will know, we are particularly trying to raise funds for the expansion of the project into Southern Olgulului at the moment, an area which has a lot of human wildlife conflict, as well as lions that are at great risk of attack from Maasai. By starting up the project here we will be able to reduce the conflicts between lions and livestock, as well as monitoring the lions that live there, and protecting them.

 Lion Lomunyak Lion Guardians

We would also like to remind you that the only way to make sure your funds come to the Lion Guardians project is by visiting the Lion Guardians blog homepage and making a donation here. Funds donated on other Wildlife Direct pages, such as by clicking on the ‘Save the Lion’ link will go towards the running costs of Wildlife Direct (which is also a great cause!) but if you would like to help the Lion Guardians project directly, please come to our blog’s homepage to ensure we get the funds! Here is Lion Guardian Mengati with his backback and folder of forms, bought with blog readers’ donations.

 Lion Guardian Mengati fills in a form

Thank you to every one of you that donates to the Lion Guardians, and an especially big thank you to those of you that we are able to rely on for your regular sponsorship of a Lion Guardian. Your support is so important to the successful and continued running of the project.


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