Saturday was a special day for one Lion Guardian. Apart from me, our youngest Lion Guardian Solonka Sakimpa was the only one not married. But this Saturday we were all very pleased to celebrate his wedding with him.


Early in the morning we went to pick up his new wife from Mbirikani village, which is about 45 minutes drive away. Solonka was looking handsome with lots of beads and red ochre all over his body. We got to his new wife’s boma quite early and met her to bring her on the journey to Ol Donyo Wuas, where Solonka lives. Of course she was looking very beautiful, and Solonka could not help but smile all the way to his home.


Three goats were slaughtered for the wedding and we were given plenty of meat to thank us for picking up his bride. By the evening were all full and happy, and glad to have celebrated the special day with Solonka and his friends and family. I hope you are happy to see these photos from his special day too!



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  • Brenton H

    Congratulations to Solonka and his new wife! May I ask what is her name, so that she can be congratulated as well on this very important occasion? The Lion Guardians are a new generation of Maasai young men and are an inspiration to people all over the planet! Kind Regards. Brenton.

  • paula

    Congratulations, wonderful photos and may life bring you everything you wish for Solonka.

  • Scoot

    Many congratulations. Happiness and long life to you both.

  • sauwah

    congrats to the young and happy couple too ! may their life be filled with joy, health, lots of good luck! how were goats cooked?

  • Kevin Donahue

    Congrats from Orlando!

  • lionguardians

    Thank you all for your messages, which we shall pass on to Solonka and his new wife, who is called Yiapoyo Solonka.

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