Lion Guardians are interviewed for you!

Today we hosted the Lion Guardians monthly meeting at camp. All the Guardians attended, except for Ritei, who was feeling unwell, and couldn’t come. Everyone talked about what had happened during the month, and shared their experiences. We also asked the Guardians your questions. Here I am interviewing Lenkina.


And here I am with Koikai.


We were joking because he was trying to practice his English in front of the camera, which is very funny to listen to! We will be posting the answers to your questions on the blog soon.. and maybe some of Koikai’s “English” too!

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  • Dana-Phoenix, Arizona says:

    Antony – Looking forward to the guys answers to some good questions. I’m sure Koikai and you would laugh if you heard me speaking “Swahili”. Pole, pole sawa! I don’t even think I can write it correctly….LOL!!!

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