Lion Guardians expansion continues!

After successfully starting up the Lion Guardians program on Eselenkei Group Ranch, we are now expanding to yet another ranch in the Amboseli-Tsavo Ecosystem! The new ranch, Olgulului is on the border with Amboseli National Park, and experiences a lot of conflict with wildlife. We can’t wait to start work there! Here is one of our collared lions Nempakai, who is currently residing in Amboseli.


The interview process for possible Lion Guardians on Olgulului is now complete. The Group Ranch was divided into 8 zones, and each was represented by 9 traditional morans, eager to conserve carnivores and lions in particular, as well as serve their community. In fact, the ravaging drought did not inhibit their attendance. A total of 72 morans attended the interviews!


During the interviews, the selection panel looked at many different criteria, including poverty levels, physical fitness, leadership qualities and tracking skills, as well as general wildlife knowledge and lion killing history. A total of 16 morans were short-listed and will now start a 1 month volunteering period. During this voluntary process, the Guardians will help reinforce bomas to predator-proof levels, assist their communities in finding lost livestock, as well as tracking and monitoring lions.

What exciting news for the project!


  • sauwah says:

    that is fantastic news! i heard Olgululi ranch had a lot of lion killings by either the marons or just boys. i learned it from one article by laurance frank. in one case a harmless lioness who had been residing there since she was a cub was cornered by some teenagers and was killed by them. i think she was collared and tracked. according to the date, she avoided all humans. but that was her unlucky or deadly day when the kids had her surrounded.

    i wish the new guardians good luck.

  • Anne C says:

    Congratulations on the expansion and to all of the new guardians! And thanks for all the updates and photos. I may not post a lot, but I check the blog every day and I really appreciate all the news 🙂

  • Thanks for your comments and support. We really hope the Lion Guardians will add to the existing conservation work happening in Olgulului. The compensation scheme run by the Maasailand Preservation Trust (which runs from Mbirikani) has also expanded to Olgulului. We hope all our efforts will help the lions, other wildlife and people that live there!

  • Pirjo,Finland says:

    That is great news! I’m so happy to hear that your program is being spread to areas where lions are having a tough time. I’ve been a monthly donator for quite a long time and it’s great to see the money being put in the best possible use. Thank you!

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