Lion Guardians Games is getting closer!

Thanks to Jeremy R, Anne C and Anna H we have now raised a fantastic $550, which means we are over half way there!! We are all so excited about planning the Games, designing the certificates and thinking about who might win the various awards. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!


We know that Anne C, who is sponsoring Koikai will be cheering him on.. but what about the rest of our blog readers? We will be posting the list of events and awards soon, so we hope you will let us know which Guardian or ranch you hope will win each of the various Games and awards. Only $450 more to go! Please help us to drum up some support to raise the full $1000!

THANK YOU from all the excited Lion Guardians!

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  • Brenton H says:

    There is only one ranch to cheer on and that is Eselenkei! GO Kamunu and the other guys! So I gather that they are great singers? Please tell us all more?

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