Lion Guardians on NPR Day to Day program today!

Yesterday and today the work of Living with Lions features on Alex Chadwick’s Day to Day radio program, which airs in the US. Alex came to visit us back in June and we told him all about the critical decline in lion populations outside national parks in Kenya and showed him what Living with Lions and the Lion Guardians are doing to save them.

If you have missed it you can listen online by clicking here.


Please tell us what you think of the program – and tell all your friends to listen too. The more people that hear about our work, the more likely we are to get enough donations to keep it running! THANK YOU from all the Lion Guardians, and the Maasailand lions!

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  • sauwah says:

    i click on the web site and read the article on dr. frank’s work and words on lions and its fate to extinction. i also read the three comments on this sad state of lions. two suggested hunting of lions to preserve them. they assumed the revenue from lion hunting would benefit the local communities and the hunting done would be ethical and legal. hunting of lions and others are illegal in kenya and thank god for this law. one suggested hunting old lions would be a plus since old ones would die any way. he or she did not know the fact the wealthy hunters ( from usually america and europe ) only wanted the best; which means lions in their prime and in the best of shape! thus hunting of lions will take out the best of lions in that area. usually such male lions already have a pride or two and are so strong that their very presence does stablize the pride, protect the pride’s cubs ( the next generation ) and save the pride’s hard earned meals from hyenas. wealthy hunters only want the best males of all species and they want their kill guaranteed! revenues usually go back to the big game hunting companies usually formed from europe instead of the local areas. now adays, people or investors only want they can get now and look not into the future.

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