We are very excited that the BBC piece on the Lion Guardians that they came to film in September will be shown in the UK on BBC2 on Sunday 1st Feb at 21:00. The programme we feature in is called Explore: the Rift Valley and is presented by Simon Reeve.


I am told we feature at the end of the hour long programme, which visits many other countries in the Great Rift Valley, including Djibouti and Ethiopia. I’m sure it will be really interesting – make sure you stay tuned to see the Lion Guardians at the end of the show!

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  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona

    I’m sorry that I don’t get BBC on my American television. I wish I could hear the interview. Antony – all you gentlemen in the above photo are certainly good looking :>) Sorry I couldn’t resist!

  • lionguardians

    Thank you Dana! The programme will hopefully be on television worldwide in the future – I’ll let you know when!

  • Anna M

    Will be watching this here in the UK, looking forward to it,

  • colobus

    Sounds great! I’ve asked my friends and family in the UK to tune in and record it for me!

    Looking forward to it!


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