Missing lion and cubs found at last!

Yesterday after a long day of searching we found the collared female lion Nemasi, and her three cubs. The Lion Guardians had not been able to locate them for months and we were becoming worried that we might have lost her completely, as no one had been able to pick up a signal from her collar. The Guardians used to find her quite close to our camp and we had been following the progress of her cubs since they were born over a year ago. Here they are in July feeding on a kill, when they were a lot younger.


Recently Nemasi had become very hard to find, especially as her collar has been picking up a strange screeching noise so it was hard to hear her signal. But three days ago lion biologist Stephanie picked up a weak signal from her collar from one of the hills nearby. We asked the Lion Guardians in the area to look around for her but none of them could find her tracks or pick up a signal.


Then yesterday we found her signal again from another hill and drove between high points all day to pinpoint her location. Eventually after about 6 hours of driving we found her and her cubs in some very dense bush, less than 2 kms from a road! We were so pleased to have found them at last, but they ran off quickly so we were not able to take any photos, except of her tracks.


Now we know her location we can keep good track of her and I hope we will be able to bring you some photos soon!


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