Lion Guardians reports flood in!

In the month of September the Lion Guardians made over 40 reports of lion tracks, sightings or telemetry signals to camp. The 9 Guardians on Mbirikani have been working extremely hard to find out where all our local lions are so they can report this to our lion biologists, and also warn any herders in the area that are lions nearby.

They search for lions by looking for their tracks on foot….


…and by using telemetry receivers and aerials to pick up signals from the lions we have collared. Here is Lion Guardian Kapande tracking for collared lions in his area. He picked up the signals of our local male Kasaiyo and female Nimaoi who is often found close to him.


Please help support the work of the Guardians by making a donation to the project. Your donations pay the Guardians’ wages, help pay for their equipment and keep the project running. Thank you!


  • We read your block every day and thank you for your work.
    If we are in Kenya the next time, we would like to become a couple of photos about
    Doing your work so that we give the remaining world a better understanding of your important work
    being able to do. Work thanks you for yours.

    Greate Germany
    Uwe + Daniela

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