Male lion kills a huge eland!

We were called yesterday by Lion Guardian Masarie who had just come across a huge eland kill, and the tracks of a big male lion. He reported that it was a fresh kill and that not much had been eaten, so we rushed to the scene, hoping to find out who had made this massive kill!

When we arrived at the scene we were indeed impressed by the size of the eland that he had brought down and wondered who this strong and powerful lion could be. Was it Lomunyak, who has been evading us for some time, or was it an unknown male lion?


With the help of binoculars we spotted him in the bushes not far away, and on closer inspection we found that it was familiar Mbirikani lion Kesayou. He often associates with Lormanie, a younger male, as well as females including Nemasi and Nimaoi. But today he was on his own, and it looked like he had received an injury to his face while killing this massive beast. As night fell, he went back to the eland and continued to eat the kill he had obviously fought hard to bring down. What impressive animals both the lion and the eland are!



  • pat says:

    I am still waiting to see my first male lion in the wild. What magnificent animals deserving of the crown “King of the jungle”.

  • sauwah says:

    Good thing that he did not get harm from the fighting eland. i agree with you there. that must have been some fight and hard work on the big boy. so i have heard eland meat is very tender. well, he deserves this good and big meal. Is that true that the only wild animal Maasai will eat is eland?

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