Lion Guardians find elusive male lion!

The other day our Lion Guardians team went out to respond to a report from several Lion Guardians and members of the public, that a male lion has been constantly heard roaring within the Selenkay Conservancy.

The team, which included Lion Guardians Kamunu and Lopono did ‘call in’ (playing sounds to attract the lion with a loud speaker) with a view to identifying the individual lion. Soon, out of the gloom appeared a male lion, and it was with both surprise and excitement that we found out his identity. He was very wary of the vehicle, but despite his shrewdness, his identity was clear.  It was Ndelie, a lion who has been known by the project for some time, but has been very elusive recently, and usually resides in Kuku and Mbirikani Group Ranches.


His name Ndelie is derived from the size of his tracks that were once compared to the size of a cooking pot by the Lion Guardians on Mbirikani. But today on closer inspection the Lion Guardians present thought that his footprints seemed much smaller than most male lions from either Eselenkei or Olgulului Group Ranches.


His roaring however was absolutely high class and probably very intimidating to other lions. What we did not know is why he was roaring without end. Was he marking a new territory? Or was he looking for a female companion? He has no doubt travelled many kilometres to come to Selenkay Conservancy and nobody knows how long he will be around but we are certainly very happy to see him again!

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