Mambo is injured

Mambo came to our camp yesterday in dire need of help. He was warming himself near the fire at his cave in the hills, while preparing his tea, when the pot overturned, burning his hand very badly. He is afraid of going to the clinic incase he needs to be injected, so the only option was to come to our camp to get treated and the burn covered. Luckily we were able to help him, using the medical equipment that was donated by our blog readers (thank you!)


He had applied his boiled herbs to the wound but they did not seem to work externally. Here is a photo of Mambo and his herbal remedy. You have to boil it up and drink it.


Mambo was very grateful for the medical assistance, and allowed us to take a few photos of him. Our camp has turned into his second home recently; he comes by almost twice a week to say hello, when he is around in the area selling his herbs, and he reports to us any news about lions, other wildlife or poachers in the bush.



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